10 Things to Plan for Before Developing Your iPhone App

The number of people using iPhones is increasing with each passing day and why not? IPhone offers exclusive comfort and convenience to users and the overall user experience is great and marvelous. If you are a business owner and you don’t have an iPhone business app, you are surely loosing something and you should ensure that you have one. Having a comprehensive iPhone business app will surely enhance your revenues and will also create goodwill among your customers.

A user friendly mobile app is your virtual shop where users can visit anytime and order for products and services you offer. You need to come up with an exclusive, comprehensive and superior mobile app that can be used by the users easily. In contrary, if your business app is not easy to use for users, your potential customers will simply switch off to your rivals.


If you are an iPhone mobile app developer, here is a list of 10 exclusive tips that will make your mobile designing journey more fruitful and enthralling.

Mobile app is not a website:

When it comes to mobile apps, you need to ensure that the mobile app UI/UX is superior and you have used mobile elements in an appropriate manner. There is no rocket science involved in designing iPhone apps. Keep it as simple as that and your user will love it. Use standard features and you will win the case. You can check out the Apple’s UI for specific examples.

Wireframe your app:


When you are designing your iPhone app, two things that you need to keep in the mind are User Interface and User Experience, respectively called UI and UX.

There are mobile app goals and you need to keep those goals in your mind while designing apps. The user interface design consists of many things like colors, textures, fonts and visual design and you need to ensure that they are perfect and easy to handle.

Before you start the visual design of your iPhone app, go for wireframes. Wireframe is a simple layout of the mobile app you want to build and it will give you first outline of your app that how it will look like without any visual effects. Most of the successful iPhone developers use this wireframe design to get the precise clarity about what they are planning to do and it is a very effective thing for the superior iPhone app design. There are many benefits of wireframe designs.

Developers may use pen and paper or illustrator for wireframes as per their expertise and preferences.

Vector based artwork:


However, this is a general UI tip, but makes a great difference when it comes to designing iPhone apps, to make the app visually more effective, ensure that your layers are vector bases and to add shadows and gradients, use layer styles.

The reason is obvious. With the help of vector shapes, you can easily make any UI element and effect. With the vector shapes, you can go back and alter a vector shape with layer styles and this is something that gives you control over design.

Excellent user interface:


UI plays an important factor for a user who is visiting your app first time. Remember the well-known quote- first impression is the last impression. Your mobile app UI should be superiorly mind-blowing and simple for user to handle it. The user friendly mobile app UI will surely win the hearts of your visitors and they would love to come back to your app more often.

If the UI is not good, they will not wait to see what an app has to offer to them. No matter how richly your app is design and how beneficial the offers you want to give to users, if the UI is not impressive, they will simply switch to your rivals and that is something you don’t want, do you?

High performance and loading:


The mobile app must be performing superior and high loading time can make anyone disinterested and annoyed. This is something that you should keep in the mind. The performance of the iPhone app must be high and the loading time should be short.

Supporting all iOS devices:

An ideal iPhone mobile app is something that can function well in almost all iOS devices and you should ensure that. However, you can keep one specific device in the mind, but the UI design should be compatible to almost all iOS devices.

Don’t Leave Users Hanging


Your UI design should keep the user in the loop. If you keep the user out of the loop, he may feel that the app is malfunctioning and it is not something that should happen. If the loading of the app shows blank screen, he may feel otherwise. Use features like loading indicators and animations to assure the user that the page is loading and the app is functioning perfectly. You can also use progress indicator.

Don’t copy other similar apps blindly:


There will be a scenario when you are offering a user exactly what your rival is offering and hence, there are chances that you may end up the features and texts for the iOS app. You need to come up with something unique and special. If your app looks like the same as your competitor, you will use that competitive edge and it is not a good sign for your business.

Testing is essential:


You cannot survive without testing in IT and you should ensure that you have a talented QA guys in your team who can test the app at every part of design to ensure that the app is functioning perfectly and there are no bugs at all in the app. Before you live your app, make a two or three stage level testing to ensure that everything is fine and perfect.

Elements definition should be repetitive:


If you have used specific color for the “SELECT” button on your app, then use the same color in the whole app when you have used “SELECT” button. It is something that you keep in the mind.

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