10 Ways How Visual Design or Visual Can Enhance Customer Service


As you must know, the importance of the customer service is something that is invaluable. Your customer should be motivated to come to you again and again and it is possible when he is satisfied with your offering and the customer experience while buying your offerings. There is no thumb rule or success formula to win the hearts of the customers, but there are many things you can include in your customer service module that can surely enhance the experience of customers while dealing with you and it can turn the tables in your favour. What are those things? Here, in this article, we will discuss the importance of visual designs and visuals in the customer service model. Believe me, you will be flabbergasted by the results once you introduce these factors in your customer service model.

It is a proven fact that the visuals are more powerful than content descriptions as a user will understand it very easily and it will make the engagement more happening. Here is a list of things you need to keep in the mind:

Introduce interesting infographics in the branding platforms:


There are many ways you can make the infographics more interesting and happening. When you want to communicate with your users effectively, these infographics will come to a rescue in a big way. According to a study by a Web Marketing Group, it was revealed that 90% of consumers find it easy to have infographics to understand the offer or any other things. All you need to do is to design infographics in a manner that it serves the core purpose and it will enhance your brand’s visibility and awareness.

Also, you can share the infographic links with your social media platforms and it will enhance the desired results perfectly. Also, there are many websites where you can post such infographics that can bring the traffic to your website and in this manner, increase your sales revenues to a great extent.

Use YouTube for customer support and service:


It is one of the best things to showcase your product videos to one of the best social networking sites- YouTube. It has enormous power hidden inside and you will see the results. You can post your advertisements, promotional offers and product related informative videos and that too free. According to a survey, people love to watch business related information on the YouTube and it is considered as one of the best tools to engage customers vibrantly.

You can just visit the YouTube and check out product demos and other service related infographics, PPTs that can help companies to explain about products and services in a meaningful manner.

Use visual presentations for potential customers:


There are many websites where you can post your visual presentations and infographics at free of cost. These visual presentations will make a lot impact in the viewers’ minds and you can simply explain the product descriptions and guidance about how products work through these video presentations.

Also, when you go to meet a customer for a sales call, you can use these video presentations to explain the customer about how your product is better than others and how it solves the problems a customer have.


These visual presentations should be designed with minimal texts and maximum graphics that can help customers to understand the things easily and effortlessly.

Use demos to explain products and features


You can tell your designers to make different types of visual demos that can give insight information about the features of the products and services. You can post these demos on your website or any other video sites that can redirect your clients to your website. You can use these printed demos and video demos to attract customers who are looking for information about your products.

It will be an effective way to engage the customers and your customers will be able to understand what you are offering to them. These demos should be designed in a manner that they cover almost all the possible features and specifications.

Use rich media to clients:


When you use different types of media platforms for clients, you need to ensure that the media you use has excellent potential to spread your message. You can use graphics, texts, presentations and videos to support the message and it should be easily understood by the clients. There are many web platforms like Reddit, Weebly, live journal and many more.

The main advantage is that you will be able to convert your potential customers into actual customers by using these content-rich presentations and graphics.

Offer live video chat assistance to customers


You must have noticed this feature adopted by many companies to improve their customer service model and let me tell you, it is one of the most powerful mediums to assist customers when they are in midst of shopping. Presenting live video chat support will build trust and goodwill for you and it will surely serve the core purpose.

All you need to do is to add this feature in your model and your customers will be able to solve their queries with the help of your representatives. This feature is very crucial for ecommerce companies that want to communicate customers to solve their problems and confusions.
There are many companies you can find on the internet offering such models and all you need to do is to hire a reputed one and that is all.

Make your social media pages more visually interesting

Picture8If you really want to connect with your potential customers in an effective manner, you cannot ignore the power of social media networks. It is considered as one of the most powerful tools to connect with right clientele.

Make your company’s social media pages and post daily about your products, services and new offers. Also, you need to hire a team of best graphic designers who can make the social media images and posts visually powerful and interesting. A rich social media page or an account with visually appealing content will surely help you to win the customers and enhance brand awareness.

Also, you can create events and webinars there and encourage your customers to attend them.

Make visuals that are pleasant to the eyes:


Just designing visual images and videos is not enough, you also need to ensure that they are simple and easy to understand too. Discuss with your graphic designers while making new visuals and make them eye pleasing every time.

You must have seen hard to understand and improper color selections in different visual prints and medias. You should not do the same. While designing a visual image or video, you need to keep in the mind that your customers are looking for information and not how clever designer you are.

You need to use light colours, simple designs and relevant texts that make a perfect visually appealing image or video. Make visuals that are easy to understand. Also, use fonts that are simple and can be read perfectly by the viewers.

Make simple, easy to understand visuals to avoid confusions:


One thing that you need to look after while designing visuals is to make them simple. Your customer should be able to get the straight information and should not be confused while watching your image or video. It is something that you need to keep in the mind. You can find many examples of simple visuals on the internet and by making a simple design, you will get some excellent results too.

Use creative taglines and texts to make visuals more engaging


When visuals accompanied with creative taglines and relevant texts, the impact is simply doubled and you should try to achieve that every time you make designs. You must have a copywriter in your team who can come up with creative and out-of-the-box taglines and texts that make the customer to decide quickly. Just plain design will not earn you anything if the texts are not there.

Research on the internet about visual customer service tools and see the examples by yourself and explain them to your designers and writers and they will do the rest.

When you upload the content on YouTube, Reddit, social Medias like Facebook and Twitter, you need to ensure that you use rich writing content that is accompanied with relevant images and videos and the visibility will surely enhance. It will help your customers to understand the products and features easily and you will be able to retain them without any more efforts.


Also, it will help you to attract more new customers in your client database and that is what you are looking for, isn’t it?


The importance of visual media tools in your customer service model is something that gives you a competitive advantage over others that you have never imagined. While designing a customer service module for your organization, make sure that the visual tools are the parts of the module to gain more credibility and goodwill.

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