5 strategies you should implement to increase your web conversion rate

Increase your web conversion rateAre you worried about the low conversion rate of your website? Well, there are many more like you who, despite of all the efforts, somehow fail to convert the visits into sales. Ecommerce is booming and so are the online sellers, but the worrying thing is that most of the ecommerce startups are failing in the actual world even if they were promising at the brainstorming levels.

When it comes to conversion rate, there are many factors that actually affect it and you should understand the consumer behavior for the same. When you visit any ecommerce website, you want a rich customer experience there, don’t you? Same applies to your customers too.

Have you read the book the 2013-2018 World Outlook for Digital Media Marketing? If not, you should read it and you will come to know about different factors that are responsible for high bouncing rate and you also will learn new perspectives and trends in digital marketing too.

Here is a list of tips that can help you out in increasing your conversion rate on your website:

A/B Testing or Split Testing:
One of the most effective ways to boost the conversion rate is to go for frequent A/B testing or split testing. It is a simple yet effective test that will directly tell you about the conversion rate. For example, if you have a two product headlines for a product and you are not sure which one to use, you can go for A/B Testing. Make two versions of the webpage and the software will send 50% traffic to one version and rest to another one. You can see the conversion rate on both versions and choose the one that has won the race.

Write Product descriptions:
If your product pages are just about photos of the products, you are surely not going to get desired results. Ensure that you write short product descriptions on pages. When a potential customer visits your product page, he seeks information related to products like features, specifications, etc. If you fail to provide that, it will surely affect to his decision making process. He may move on to some other supplier too.
Keyword-driven product descriptions will also help you out in increasing web traffic too.

Develop a repo with users:
Increase your web conversion rateWhen you are offering a product or service to a customer, you need to ensure that you give him enough reasons to trust you. For a long-lasting loyalty of the user, the trust factor is very important. Here is a list of things you can do to build the trust with your users.

  • Professional and comprehensible website
  • Introduce about you and your team with pictures
  • Offer high quality products and services
  • Quick and hassle-free after-sale services
  • Enough Communication channels to help them out while shopping

Introduce a live chat support:
Now this one feature has given some fascinating results to ecommerce community and you need to just go for it. When a customer is confused on your website about making buying decisions, a helping hand will work magic for him. You can offer live chat support and answer his queries and problems and it will surely affect his buying decisions unquestionably.

Do you have a mobile app?
Well, if you don’t have one, you should definitely make one as soon as possible as most of the users across the globe prefer mobile apps to buy products and you surely don’t want to leave behind. Design a accessible business app and that is all.



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