Advantages of using email marketing you should consider

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SEMrushMarketers and business owners nowadays are facing a dilemma whether to use email marketing as a marketing tool or not. Well, it is justified unquestionably. In the era of social media, SEO and mobile marketing, email marketing is still viable option to prefer or not, it is a big question mark. However, you don’t need to panic as email marketing is here to stay for a longer period of time.

Here is a list of advantages of including email marketing in your marketing funnel. Just get through them and you will be able to get rid of the dilemma.

Attract your clients to take action

Email marketing is best alternative when you want to hit the impulse of the clients and it will work also. However, your email design should be catchy and simple enough to attract customers. Also, the text should be simple, direct, creative and engaging.

Easy to track the overall conversion

This is another benefit of email marketing and you would be able to understand where you went wrong. Almost all the email software offers you complete details about conversion rate and open tracking and you will come to know what was missing in your email.

Easy to share:

No other marketing tool offers such easy way to share the content. Your clients can easily share the email with their friends and family by forwarding it and you will get mouth publicity. Your subscribers can become your brand evangelists instantly.


An email takes almost no time in reaching the mailbox of the recipients and hence, you will be able to see the actions quickly. If you are offering something for just 24 hours, email marketing will surely help you to reach to your sales targets.

Affordable option:

Email marketing is an affordable way to reach out to people compared to other marketing tools like SEO and social media. Also, the return on the investment is also something that is far better than others.

So, just sit with your graphic designer and start designing a email flyer without worrying about anything.

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