The Affects & Influence of Content on Rankings – A Detailed Study

It is about time that we crack the things that have always being said about content of any sort. Professionals have always said that good and crisp content will followed by rankings or content is king and queen along with many others.

But is it about time that we take into account and try to understand what it actually means and how it can be very vital from the rankings point of view.

There are many surveys and tests done and the results have been amazing with time. The options and services are many who have been very highly benefited and some of them have follow very salient yet effective tactics that will ensure that you have been able to get the best outcome for the money spent.

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The ideas and strategies are many that will ensure sure shot results and after a lot of hard work and browsing, here are some of the outputs that have been understood.

The content needs to perform at its best in order to get best Google positing

  • No matter the sort of data you have collected and how effective it has been, if they do not reach the right audience and do not get proper exposure there is no point in doing it.
  • For the content to get better exposure there will be a proper marketing strategy and the rightly needed keywords. It in turn will get proper outcome and such keywords will help generate proper outcome for the money spent. Once the content performs at its best, good position on SERP is guaranteed.

Understand Commercial & Brand Keywords

  • There are usually two sorts of keywords that we need to take into account. They are brand and commercial ones.
  • The ones who have company or brand name in the keyword will be considered brand keywords. Eg:-iwebonedesign
  • For the other ones, a generic term is issued to state the service or product can be termed as commercial keywords. Eg: – best design company
  • With time, it has been proved that compared to brand ones, the commercial keywords have been able to generate a strong presence. When it comes to such brand keyword the sort of content matters a lot. As it is oriented to one such service, there are not other factors that can be leveraged to boost up the rankings.
  • On the contrary, with the commercial keywords, the arrays of content that can be created are enormous and thus a wide reader base can be targeted.

Length of the content matter – A LOT!!

  • If you carefully look at the top 10 or 20 ranks websites over Google, you will be able to notice a pattern and that is about the right length of the content and they all have almost the same length.
  • Above 1500 till 2000 is the regular length of the content on the pages of such highly ranked websites.
  • It also needs to be taken into account that, you will need to consider that the content must be crisp and readable as well as easily understandable by layman.
  • Properly edited and arranged text with better flow and right explanation with reference are some points to be taken into account. Size does matter a lot here, but the quality plays a vital role as well.


We hope the above mentioned ones helps you a lot to understand the sort of effect content can have and what to do in order to rank better. We will try to cover something more on the above topic in our next thread.

If you have anything to add, feel free to write in the comments section below.

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