Amazing facts that you didn’t know about cloud hosting

There are lots of changes that we have witnessed in the past years in the field of technology. The concept of having a website has now become old and there is nothing new about it. Almost everyone is on the World Wide Web. The company that generates the revenue in millions every year and the company that hardly manages to reach in three figure amount at the end of the year, all have their website, because everyone knows where the business is.


As the time went by the new features added to make the surfing experience better and now there is cloud hosting. It is an advanced solution to the simple and slow web hosting. This is new in the market and that is why there are very few companies out there providing the service. There are few things that are not common among the people. If you are interested in cloud computing then these facts will defiantly amaze you.


  • In next three or four years, it is expected that the cloud computing will surpass the mark of $270 billion.
  • Most of the American companies that is around more than fifty percent, has plan to enhance their budget for cloud computing.
  • A new cloud server has been added for every 1200 smartphones.
  • Almost all the IT professionals are using cloud services and its applications.
  • Most of the companies that are using cloud services have reportedly believed that their data efficiency has been increased after switching to the cloud.
  • Most of the users have also noted the significant reduction in their operating cost.

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