Ask Yourself the Following Questions When Buying Link Building Platforms!

It is very vital that you market your business in the best manner possible. In order to do that, you will need the help of the right services who have catered such needs of all and that too in the right manner.

You will need to hire the right digital marketing firm who will offer some of the best outcome and let them leverage their full expertise to ensure that your business becomes an instant success.

These services have mastered the art of PR and they have undertaken many new tactics and strategies to ensure that the best looking ideas are leveraged to gain much needed exposure.

The ideas and strategies are many and the effective Link Building is one of them. In order to get such, the platforms in the market are many and as per the need, they can be accessed.

  • For Small business owners – Google Drive / Excel ($0/anything/month)
  • For Solo person or small team – Pitchbox ($47-67/project/month)
  • For Mid to large-size team – BuzzStream ($15-25/user/month)

Are some to be taken into account. But, before making the decision, there are certain aspects that you need to take into consideration before going ahead with the right platform.

Budget – it is imperative that you take the budget into account and as per the needs, you can go ahead with the right one. The spreadsheet is always an option for all.

Features – if you are looking for specific built-in features, then you will need to choose it accordingly. Some even offer free ones that can prove very useful.

Probable prospects – most of you are aware about the exact set of sites you are trying to target, if not then it is advised that you get the list made before moving on the right platform.

Clients and reporting – the targeted outreach of the client or website must also be determine pre hand as there is a lot of difference when targeting single site and 10 other ones at the same time. If you are reporting to client , you need more sophisticated version and that is why, the platform must offer such working terminology as well.


In the end, the above things must be pre-determined in order to get the right outcome and it will also help you make the right decisions. Buy the one that will work best for you and it in turn will offer full value of money.

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