AVOID These DESIGNING Mistakes for Better SEO

The design of a website should be made in a way that is stays both user friendly and search engine friendly. This takes us to believe that both the appearance and the function should be up to the mark. None of them should be compromised.

Now here is the list of mistakes that you should avoid to make your website more search engine friendly.

Heading without H1Tags:

Often, web designers and developers forget to include H1 headings in the home page. They give too much focus on the designing part which includes fine combination of colors and use of beautiful images, but the search engine will fail to track the website. The H1 tag is the very first thing that requires to gain search engine’s attention.

Using Large Images & Media Files:

The upload speed of the website has lot to do with the Google rankings, so you have to be careful at the time of selecting video files and images for the page. You can use Google PageSpeed Insights Test to find out how large your images are for the Google. Once you know the large size images, you need to fix it and make your page easier to upload.


Google doesn’t appreciate the Popups in your website. It is important for Google that your website offers user friendly experience. If the Popups are stopping users to see the content of your webpage it affects negatively on your SEO.



Well, it is one of the most popular design styles, but when it comes to SEO, you are not getting all the benefits. If you fail to setup your page correctly, the search engine will not crawl your pages. The better way is to keep limited content on your website. Use only top ten useful post to get reputation from search engine.


The point is that if you are making a new website or just working on your old one, all you need to do is keep the significance of SEO in mind. Make your website look more beautiful, but at the same time make it more user friendly and visible to the search engine.

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