The difference you need to learn: Digital Marketing & Direct Response Marketing

Start Your Free Trial Today!There are many digital marketing executives that need to understand the difference between digital marketing and direct response marketing. Many business owners tend to avoid direct response marketing as they think that they are already doing digital marketing. Well, here is the fact: direct response marketing is a larger concept than digital marketing. And an effective marketing strategy requires the perfect blend of both.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing contains all the advertising that you do on the internet, mobile applications and all other similar devices. We think that on whatever we can click on is digital marketing for example, banner ads or pop-ups.

Well these banners and pop-pops ads that asks us to subscribe on their newsletter or sign up for something else. These are direct response marketing. There are other types of advertisements which do not ask us to click and this you can consider digital marketing.

The SEO is one of the techniques of digital marketing and it doesn’t come under the direct response technique. With the use of proper digital marketing strategy, the companies aim for potential users to read their blog or content and they try to make their content crisp and website attractive. Google recognize such activities and put the company’s rank on top of the search list. So, the SEO cannot be considered as the direct response marketing.

When it comes to social media advertising, you can often see the direct response element in most of them. For example, an advertisement for purchasing a product from an ecommerce website is direct response. However, social media is also popular for building brand image. It has been used for getting the hike of sale in the initial stage of the business.

Why all direct response marketing is not digital?

Direct response marketing is no limited to the internet. You can take radio for an example. When there is a commercial asking you to sign up for something or call for registration, you can consider it as direct response advertising. Now this can be done without smart phone and also without internet. So, when the advertiser is looking for the certain kind of response then it is direct response marketing.

Now not only radio, but there are so many examples of direct response marketing and they are not at all digital marketing. The result is measurable in these activities. You can consider the TV ads and phone call ads as direct response marketing. Envelops that you often receive with the post asking you to send it back with certain information is also one of the examples.

So, that is why organizations need to have the direct response marketing included in their strategy even when there is a digital marketing team on the work. Both the concepts are different from each other and you need to both of them. So, your marketing team has to combine both of them and that what makes your strategy effective. Hope the above article helps you in understanding the difference between Digital Marketing and Direct Response Marketing.

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