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If someone asks you- what is the business goal you should keep in the mind to excel in the business? What will be your answer? Well, if you ask me, my answer would be the customer satisfaction. Yes, in the 21st century, there will be no traditional approach will help you, but ultimate customer loyalty. According to a survey by the 2015 State of Marketing Technology Report, 29% of business owners have stated that the ultimate customer satisfaction is their prime goal in the upcoming years. No matter, how many billions you spend on the products and marketing and promotions, if your customer is not happy with you, you are surely going to lose the market. The traditional approach is gone and you need to emphasize on the satisfying digital experience of the users.

When it comes to digital experience of the users, you need to come up with the content amplification and marketing strategy that ultimately flatters the customers who are available online and watching your strategy carefully. For digital marketers, this is the biggest challenge in front of them. They need to understand the role of the customers in the digital marketing and how to use them in the whole strategy planning.

Furthermore, according to the report, more than 37% marketers stated that their digital marketing is inadequate and they need to change it. It means that they are surely missing out the benefits their customers bring to the table. Some of the benefits are word-of-the-mouth marketing, submission of authentic product and service reviews, on sharing content and many more.

So how to create the right digital strategy and content management that can enhance the digital experience of your potential customers? Here is a list of tips you can follow to achieve that.

Choosing the right platform:

The first and foremost thing is to select the right platform to communicate with your target audience. Forget about your official website. For this, you need to understand the behavioral patterns of your customers. What they like and what they don’t? Which social networks they use? What is their lifestyle and where are they located? These are the list of questions you need to ask to yourself while strategizing the digital marketing.

Where they spend their times more often? Is it the Facebook, twitter, instagram or LinkedIn? Moreover, you also need to find out about the sources where the customers get information about your company and products and services? Do they read blog or visit your website? Do they use smart phones and tablets to seek online information?


Once you have answers of the above questions, you will find it easy to come up with multiple platform digital approach that can be effective enough for your users to enhance their digital experience. They will surely be able to relate themselves with engaging and effective digital marketing strategy.

Emotional engagement:

It is a proven fact that human beings are emotional at heart, especially when they are shopping. You need to make sure that your customers are engaged with you emotionally. It will help you in retaining those customers again and again.

If you are making advertising, either print or video, there must be an emotional quotient in the same. They should be able to relate to the ads, blogs and other digital platforms. You can run digital campaigns on the social media about the current social or political movements. There are so many ways you can come up with ideas that can engage your audience emotionally.

Also, when their personal data and information remains intact, they will surely trust you, no matter what. Take care of this thing while updating your website or any types of online forms.

Add Value to their life:

Each individual would love to read or watch content if it adds value to their lives. You need to make sure that the content you post on any medium is original and engaging and has some core values. You also need to make sure that the content is highly educating and not just entertaining. A separate FAQ section page is the best example of the same.

Superior customer support at any point of time is something that should be the part of your digital strategy. Your customers should be able to find the answers of the questions and queries as soon as possible.

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Also, you need to come up with different exclusive offers and discounts on the services and products you supply to them.


It is one of the most engaging ideas to communicate with your customers. They should be able to give their feedbacks on the events, products and services you offer. It will help you to build the trust among your customers. You can ask for reviews, feedbacks and experiences and you will be able to learn where you lack in the services.

Also, don’t forget to reply to them when they offer feedback, it is very important for you to make them feel that they are heard properly and accurately. They will feel special and will surely engage with you emotionally.

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