Google Wi-Fi is making its mark in the Europe

The tech giant has been the leader in covering the market with its major services and products. Google’s Wi-Fi is now available in the European market.

The product was launched in October 2016; it is a cylindrical 802.11ac router. The device is available with the single unit and there is double pack option too.

With the installation of multiple units, user can achieve maximum coverage as they can build network connection with one another. This helps the user to get the maximum coverage around the residential property. No matter of the structure of the property, you can achieve the getting the Wi-Fi coverage at every point of your house. The network is managed by an Android and IOS app that enables users to not to allow access to certain devices.

The company has introduced the device in the North America in late 2016. It was launched in UK in March and now today company declares that the router is available in France and Germany. For the two-pack the price is €249 and for single unit it is €139.

Last week the company updated their Wi-Fi units and now it’s with IPv6 support. The new update allows user to measure their mesh speeds. They can also check if someone attempts to stop their device’s reception of connectivity form the main system with pops up in the app.

The tech giant is coming up with latest innovation in the field of technology now and then and it will definitely grab the attention of its competitors to get into the market with better option.

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