Importance of Pen

The pen has its significance that technology has failed to reduce. One of the most powerful leaders of Second World War era, Mr. Winston Churchill was the huge admirer of using pen. He had his collection and just like that pen is the most favorite thing for the giants in the history and also in present. Churchill was keen about his pens and used to take good care of them.

When we talk about the importance of pen then just think about the constitution of any major democracy. The first draft that made a large population of the world to follow and respect were written by pen. The greatest literature that is now going to be the part of societies for years was written by pen.

Pen has its power and we have heard that the pen is mightier than sword. This may be the reason that the pen has been one of the most popular gifts that we still like to give to someone we love and respect. You must have received a fine set of fountain pen when you were graduated and you also get the pen as gift when you managed to crack interview of your first job.

It is not just your clothes and bag you carry that make good impression in your office. It is the pen that you have put in the left pocket of your shirt that tells more about you then anything else. A classic pen shows that you understand and value of ethics, culture and society and you do take your written words seriously.

There are brands that sell pen as a valuable accessory to carry and they do not sell the pen but they sell the class that you cannot just buy but you have to earn. So, whenever you decide to buy an expensive or a valuable pen, just make sure that you deserve it.



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