Internet of Things- a revolution waiting to transpire

How about a scenario when a refrigerator or a microwave oven itself indicates and alarms you about the maintenance and repair updates? Imagine a scenario that your car itself reminds you about the service date you are long forgotten? You may think that a writer has gone crazy, but trust me, I am not. It is true. In a short span of time, the time will come when all the tangible things around you will be connected to the virtual platform and will directly communicate without any kind of human intervention. This technology has a name and it is The Internet of Things (IoT). The main concept if IoT is to offer unique identifier and the ability to communicate to all the devices, humans and networks. There are many technical institutes offering Internet of Things training to their computer students.

If you ask me the definition of IoT, I would say it is the technology that creates a situation where you don’t have to control all the things humanly, but these things can communicate to one another and to you too. The main purpose is to connect all the devices like an army. It will contain vehicles, electronic appliances, humans, vests and all other things without human interventions. Does it excite you? Don’t you think you should enroll for Internet of Things training?

The internet of things was conceptualized by Kevin Ashton in 1999 and as per the Wikipedia page; more than 20 million things will be included by 2020. There are many companies that are already working on this concept and even got initial success. Also, developers across the world are enrolling for Internet of Things training from reputed institutes to understand the importance and implementation of this concept in their consumer and B2B custom applications. The simple barcode you see on the various products, what is it? Keep guessing.

How it works?

If you think that your toaster or hair trimmer can be a part of the internet of things, sorry, they can’t unless they have the seven key features that are needed to be a part of the Internet of Things. These seven features are described below:

  • Sensors
  • Processors
  • Internet
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Quality
  • Safety & security
  • Energy efficiency

SEMrushAccording to the experts, in the recent future, they will make simple things like street lights, doors and windows, televisions and greasers, part of the Internet of things. The main advantage of including these simple things is that we don’t replace these things easily. By giving sensors and connectivity to them actually means you are giving them a brain. They will think and function automatically without any external interventions.

Companies that are implementing this machine to machine communication are getting some pleasing results and in the nearest future, you will surely see the world around you will change and for all good reasons. If you are a developer, I strongly recommend you to enroll for Internet of Things training and let me tell you, you won’t regret the decision for sure.

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