John Thomas Serres & The English frigate in the Bay of Naples

The cultural importance of paintings is very high and there is a lot one can say about them by just observing for a long time. It is a very lucrative and deep form of art that requires a good eye to detect the message.

Many painters have come to light for centuries and many have became immortal with time. John Thomas Serres was one such and he lived a life with many ups and downs.

An English maritime painter, who was very highly recognized and reputed all over the globe. He used to exhibit comprehensively at the Royal Academy and he also enjoyed his time as a Maritime Painter to King George III.

His painting, An English frigate amidst much activity in the Bay of Naples with Vesuvius erupting beyond, 1823 and his father Dominic Serres, was also a renowned painter and he founded the Royal Academy. In his independent career with the Royal Academy and British Institution, he exhibited over 100 paintings and in 1793, he was made a Marine Painter to the King after the death of his father.

However, things went south when his wife pressed her claim that she was illegitimate daughter of the Duke of Cumberland. To cover for the losses, he had to set up the Royal Coburg Theatre and it came to be known as “Old Vic”.

He passed away on December 1825 in a London debtors’ prison


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