Paid OR Organic Social Media Marketing – Old Debate with New Insight

bannerThe argument about sure shot marketing strategies that will generate best in class results is very old and all the cult followers will go with their own tactics it is also a viable thing to do as all the strategies work for all the clients.

The numbers of variables are many that will affect one particular client, but the outcomes have been positive for all and that is why, the debate becomes more interesting.

From PPC till SEO, the options and ideas are many and there is a reason they are still into existence today. They all generate results. Organic traffic through referral or with blogs and articles using out of the content marketing strategies, the outcomes have been great for all and that is why, there are so many ideas one can use to generate a buzz about their service or product.

Apart from all the ones, Social Media Marketing (SMM) has been one of the stable performer and for all service and product based businesses, they have been able to generate some great results.

The options of paid as well as organic marketing ideas are here and no matter the needs, the end results have been very satisfactory. Paid or Organic, the debate will of on and people still believe in leveraging the wide platform that social media offers to the advantage of the company and that too without spending a dime. While on the contract, others believe that, the market is fierce on such platform, so we need to spend money in order to stand out among others (competitors).

With paid campaigns, you will get good benefits by spending something out of the debate and in some cases, the ROI have been mind blowing. One of the best part about such campaigns is that,” the ads can be crafted for user specific and they can be engaging for the ones who have a liking for your product or service”.

As the target audience are specify, the demographic is also specific and you are tend to get more inclined outcomes compared to its counterpart – organic marketing.

Once the advertisement is live, they will be reflected on multiple social media platforms and the service in turn will start to get users and clicks in return.

One thing you have to keep in mind that with paid marketing, there is not sure shot ROI that will be profitable. The users can click and visit the website, but there are thousands of reasons, that they can still back out.

For Organic marketing, the time and effort needed is longer and slower, but so are the outcomes and results as well. Here, you can share the information about service or product and write blogs or articles as well. The users will read and click on the links and if they are interested, they will buy.


Here, the chances are higher when we talk about conversion, as only the interested people will go for the buying the indecisive ones will just tread and get the info and move on to something else. While with paid ones the client will have to pay for each and every click and the user can get interest on faster pace and they can even lose the interest equally faster.

A combination of the both can be a weapon to be taken into account. Get the most juice out of the campaign and hire the services that will help with such.

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