‘$’ SEO Trends That Will Shape Internet Marketing in 2017


If you regularly visit online SEO forums and discussion threads, you must come across various SEO predictions since the 2017 started. Well, everyone is free to opine and there is nothing wrong in it. However, most of the predictions are not to be taken seriously as they don’t have any logical backing. The 2nd month of the year has started and it is a high time you come to know about how things will fall when it comes to SEO. Well, here is a list of SEO trends that will surely going to stay in 2017 and you need to know them to stay ahead than others in the game.

Be ready for ruthless Google algorithm and unpredictable ranking shifts:


If Panda and Penguin is something that you hate too much, brace yourself as Google is coming up with more ruthless algorithms that will surely going to give you a hard time. The RankBrain, an expected new algorithm will be a silent killer as per the industry experts. It runs on the lines of machine learning and artificial intelligence and you will surely see the updowns in the rankings of your sites.

If you did not like Penguin and Panda, this new one you will hate the most as it will surely going to give you a hard time. The main aim of this new algorithm will be to select a page and prioritize it based on user engagements.

Uniting Featured Snippet and Organic Listings:


Have you ever thought why the featured snippet is different from the top ranked organic listing? Well, if you never did it, let me explain in simple words- Google is trying to convey an information that your reliance on our first answers might not be correct all the time. So you can go for this answer too. Can you tell me why Google is saying this?


Well, write down on your notepad. Very soon, the featured snippet and organic listings will going to converge and they will consolidate these two concepts.

Google will kill organic positions 6-10


If you think that Google did not notice that almost no one clicks on the search results that are placed in the lower positions, you are surely mistaken. Even you will give more priority to the top rankings only. See the chart below and you will come to know about what I want to say.

So, according to secret sources, let me tell you, Google is going to kill the bottom half of the search results in 2017.

Machine learning will tell Google that the ranking positions 6-10 does not work anymore and the page will be filled with more ads.

If you are laughing out loud about this prediction, let me remind you a time when Google eliminated right side text ads on the desktop and as a result, the CTRs increased and traffic remained steady.

Bid adieu to local SEO


Frightened enough by just reading the line above? Well, sorry to be a ruthless writer, but predictions say so.

Do you remember Google Shopping where you used to search local products? Well, it was fantastic and then Google monetized it and same is going to happen with Google local SEO.

Do you remember that Google is planning to make $5 billion from local search and it is a time you forget about the local organic SEO.



Every individual is coming up with his own predictions about SEO and there is nothing wrong in that. However, you need to understand that these predictions may get wrong. You don’t need to focus on these things. Do your job transparently and perfectly and that’s what Google wants from you.

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