How to do Social Media Scheduling?

bannerThe world has gone on social media and it is important that you do your business there with proper guideline. The marketing on social media has grown tremendously. You need show all your creative marketing skills there. The thing is that it is not a one time job. You have to be persistent in all of your posting. There is a better way of marketing and there is a better way that you can manage your scheduling post. There are tools that you can use for better management of scheduling. Let’s see what they are. The best in the list is Everypost and here are the amazing features that you can use for comfortable social media marketing.


Everypost is a simple tool that you can use. The dashboard is white and black and it simply allows you to do flawless social media marketing.

You need to add all of your accounts as you log in. You can add accounts from the right corner of the top. You can decide the updates that you want to post. The social media accounts that you can connect are Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

SEMrushIt is simple and easy to use and it is totally considered as user friendly tool. You can grab visual content from different sites like YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest to make your own exclusive content story that you can share with your viewers.

With the option to schedule your post in future it also has menu that remains hidden at time you are creating your post. You can access it with just one click and everything will be there such as analytics, scheduling and archives.

There is option for adding and removing any network of your choice. You can go for the button that is left side on your dashboard. You can also connect your pages and profile there.

So, be smart with social media marketing and save your time with creative inputs.

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