Stay healthier and play baseball

You need to keep your body moving to stay healthy. Sitting all day in front of the desk is killing you. There are many studies indicating that the sitting is the new smoking. If your job makes you sit all day then you need to utilize the rest of the time in doing things that make you healthier. It is not necessary that you have to go to the gym and walk on the treadmill for an hour. You need to enjoy your exercise time and that is the thing that will keep you motivated for long time.

You can choose any of your favorite game. Every game has its benefits and so does the baseball. Playing baseball is not an easy thing. You need to keep you body and mind focused all the time. There are several health benefits of playing baseball. Let’s see few of them.

Makes your heart stronger:

Just like any other game baseball also provide good cardio exercise that helps you to make your heart stronger. The game also enhances the strength of your muscles as you run around the field.

Increases strength of your arms:

As you swing the baseball bat and throw the ball you are using the muscles in your arms. The process makes them stronger and you also improve the flexibility of your joints. You can also use plastic baseball for practice.

Stronger legs:

As you run around the field you challenge the muscles in your legs to work in a stronger and better way and thus, you can give the exercise to the muscles in your legs.

Burn calories:

All the activities that you do in baseball are calorie burners. From catching the ball to running and hitting the ball make you use strength and burn the calories.

You don’t have to be professionals for start playing baseball. You should play it as it keeps you healthy and also keeps your mind focused. As you will learn the tricks you will enjoy the game more. You can have baseball batting cage in your backyard and practice with your friends.


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