Top 5 online marketing platforms

We all are part of the digital revolution. Everything is going online. You can purchase anything from the ecommerce site and you can get any services just with one click. In today’s world it becomes important for any business that it has its website. But now having a website is not enough, you have to do marketing for your website to gain as much traffic as possible and more traffic is equals to more income. There are different kinds of marketing platform and we are going to see top 5 among them.

1. Exacttarget

This platform focuses on improving the relationship between the company and the customers. It has multi channel approach that includes marketing automation, web, mobile, emailing, social media, data and analytics.

2. Hubspot

It provides all the tools that needed for enhancing your managing skills. You can manage your online marketing with proper strategy. It allows you to create posts, infographics, videos that can successfully engage the audience. It also gives your appropriate help to share your content on social media. In the end, all of its services are helpful in creating leads. It also gathers the information about new customers for your product.

3. Marin Software

The specialty of Marin Software is in managing your online advertising. With the help of Marin Software, you can get success with online revenue. You can make your website’s ROI with this software as it allows you to do social advertising, paid search, mobile advertising and more.

4. Vocus

It is also one of the most popular online marketing platforms. Vocus helps you to gain marketing success with its marketing and PR software. It is the perfect solution for developing and managing the online ranking. It also helps you to attract new clients.


5. Raventools

It uses four bars of online marketing. These include social media, Search Engine Optimization, PPC and content marketing. It is also really good for making complete reports of business.

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