Understanding Web Hosting Between Two Giants – Windows & Linux

To host a website on server is a very vital aspect for any service provider and that is why they look for the ones who will serve their needs in a very effective manner.

Web hosting is a service that will prove like a pathway for any company to host their website and they will offer all the required services that will make the site accessible and visible at any corner of the globe.

It is vital to understand the demographic and geographic of all countries and to make it happen; you can read and understand the detailed report Web hosting services across many countries. Current demand, potential industry earnings and many more are covered here.

Windows and Linux web hosting are web host providers, but there terminologies differ in more than one way.

Linux is very highly considered compared to windows due to its easy user-experience (UX) and it is also very cost-effective. It is also vital to take into account the manner in which, the back-end of the website is accessed.

Also, the storing and transferring of files on server is taken into account and both offer easy access to FTP. However, Linux offer access to telnet or ssh while such is missing from Windows.

Windows web hosting is not very highly recognized among dynamic websites. Such ones require up gradation of database, access to them ETC. With the help of MySQL, Linux hosting makes the job very easy and secure as well.

Exploring security, Linux have proved far better by offering multiple layers of security and how the information is processed. While the Windows do not offer such robust security measures.

Server files are named as “.html” and “.htm” for Linux and Windows respectively. Also, the FrontPage extensions are offered with Windows and they are missing with Linux.

With Windows hosting, you do not need to worry about the case sensitivity of the file or directory name. With Linux, if it is not searched with specific name, it will navigate to a different page.

Other Differences:-

  • Windows servers are proprietary, while Linux is open-source.
  • Windows servers are expensive, while Linux ones are not.
  • Plesk Panel is used by Windows, while Linux uses cPanel.
  • Windows servers are not reliable & they are robust, while Linux ones are stable and have high uptime.

In a nutshell, a lot depends on the use, the budget and other constraints. The features that a web designer will need are offered with Linux and not with Windows. So, if the website does not need specific Windows applications, Linux is a far better choice.

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