Understanding Google Search Console Integration – An Insight!!

For any website, the Search Console Integration must be done in the right manner and that is when you will need help of the right services who will offer some of the best looking outcome and that too at the right price.

It is vital that you understand the importance of them and it is however mandatory to have both Google Analytics installed as well as Google Search Console installed previously in order to set up the whole deal.

Get the integration done in the Analytics.

  • Once you log into the Analytics account, clicking on the Acquisition and then on to Queries in order to get things started.
  • Start with Set up Search Console data sharing and then find the Adjust Search Console on the next page.
  • Click on edit and you can set the whole thing over there itself.

Once the above steps are followed, you will see that they can prove out to be very helpful for any sort of content marketing strategy.


You can determine if you are appearing in different search terms or not even when you are not being clicked and that can help as well.

If you are not ranked in the top 3, then it is highly unlikely that you will get clicked. That in turn will help you determine that amount of efforts you need to the put in SEO and how to push the search terms, up in the order.

It will also give you a relevant idea about how Google is viewing your website and that in turn will prove very helpful to determine what and what not to write.


If you are planning effective and efficient content marketing, then you need to sort the results by average position first and that will help you understand the queries you are ranking for.

Such approach in turn will help you understand about the words your website is having and how much relevance they have to the services you are offering.

In a nutshell, if Google thinks your website is not what you say you are offering and what it actually is, then there is a high chance that the customers won’t be able to relate as well.

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