How to use SEO for Twitter?

SEO is all about making your brand more popular and create more traffic for your website. Social SEO is one way to generate more users to your website by various social media platforms. We have gathered some information that can help you to understand the use of Twitter with Google SEO.


Every tweet you post have to have rich content and you need ensure that your content has outbound links.

Enhancing the website:

You need to make your website more user-friendly so you have lower bounce rate from the traffic you generate from the Twitter.

No fake accounts:

When you want to make your brand more popular, you need to show that you use authentic ways in order to do so. Fake accounts are not helpful in long run. For making strong and helpful network on Twitter and to increase conversion rate, you need to use authentic accounts.

The importance of time:

On what time you make tweets also matters. You can use Google Analytics report to determine, what is the best time to publish your post? If you have automatic scheduling, you also ensure that you upload the content of your website at right time.

Twitter feed widgets:

You also need to ensure that you use your SEO keywords in your Tweets. This helps the targeted keywords to get more exposure.

Bing is also important:

Bing also considers the social media feed in their search results. Here is one more reason to have original and unique content to create organic visitors.

Look what is trending:

When your post is on trending events, you have greater chance to generate more traffic on your website. You can also increase your number of followers.



When you are on Twitter, you must be aware about the significance of hashtags. When you hashtag trending topic, the post has more chance to be seen.

Being interested:

Being interested in other users’ content is necessary to gain reputation. You can retweet the tweet of others and you can also indulge into healthy discussion with your followers.

Tweets with images:

When your tweets have images, you can attract more traffic on your website. You can use memes and informative images to get more attention.

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