Web Hosting

This service is one type of internet hosting service that provides access to organizations for making their website that can be operated via WWW (World Wide Web). There are many web hosting companies offering the space on their server, which can be owned or on lease, to make clients their website on it. This also include the providing the internet connectivity, usually in a data center. There are various types of web hosting and we are going to learn about few of them.

Types of Web Hosting

Shared web hosting service

Reseller web hosting

Virtual Dedicated Server

Dedicated hosting service

Managed hosting service

Colocation web hosting service

Cloud hosting

Clustered hosting

Grid hosting and

Shared web hosting service:

In this type of web hosting service, the website of the company is placed on the same server, where thousands websites are already working. All domains possibly share the same server resources.

Virtual Dedicated Server:

This type of web hosting is also known as Virtual Privet Server (VPS). It separates the server resources into virtual resources. They are owed in a way that does not replicate the underlying hardware.

Dedicated hosting service:

In this type of web hosting the user has its own web server and also has the full control over the web server. In reality, the user does not own the server. The self managed or unmanaged is one type of dedicated hosting and it is one of the best cost effective ways.


Managed hosting service:

In this type the user is the owner of web server but without the full control over it. They can manage data by using FTP or other remote management tools. This prevent user from making any kind of configuration problem.

Cloud hosting:

It is more reliable and more secure way of web hosting as since other computers in the cloud can balance when a single section of hardware faces trouble.

These were the basic types of web hosting and there are more that can help us to go online in less amount of type.


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