Will Jeff Bezos start the new phase of Ecommerce in America?

There is a reason why tech giants around the world are getting bigger and more powerful. One of the best examples is the Amazon. Jeff Bezos has proved that slow and steady efforts can put you in the leading position in the race. Now as the world’s leader in ecommerce business, the company has some more difficult goals to achieve.

The success of Amazon is not instant; it took the company two decades to gain its current position in the market. Well, let’s try to understand how Amazon conquered the world of ecommerce in these years. The clear thing is that the company has not limited itself to the online retailing; it has been looking for the better solutions with its futuristic vision. The company has always kept its aim high and now Jeff Bezos has not just have plans to change the ecommerce business, but he will change the effects of commerce for every individual.

The high-speed change is taking place right now for the Logistics Companies:

The change in the logistic industry is at the rapid speed and the Amazon is an active participant in witnessing the change.

We are only aware about the AI for cars, but the fact is that the technology for self-driving vehicles has already in practice for the trucks. There are some doubts about the success of this technology, but the fact is advanced technology is already making the progress to enhance accuracy in the perfect implementation of such system. Above all, Amazon is also in the prime stage of development of its drone delivery system.

Multi-Sided Market:

Amazon is also a leader in the innovation of the multi-sided marketplace. Over the past ten years, resellers have chosen the Amazon as their main platform and with the Amazon Flex program they have enlarge model at street level.

Just like Uber, the flex program allows user to be delivery drivers. Not all of the users are giving positive reviews, but it is surely helping in earning the extra income. The customers on the other hand are also not completely satisfied with the services as there are many errors like not getting the product on time.

Only the growth is permanent:

The fact is that even after the twenty years in the industry, Amazon is still growing. The company invests in making their business as large as possible. The company has seen mind blowing growth in the last year in its ecommerce services and web services.

The company is already providing services like Amazon Prime, Flex and logistics and we can expect that company can start its new venture with innovation in any field. The company has unique way to understand the future. The success of Amazon will be the case study in the future and many entrepreneurs will follow its footsteps to make their company as powerful as Amazon. As for now we can say that Amazon has really great future under the guidance of Jeff Bezos.

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